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DSC Delivers Shark Dredge To Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Background Information

Customer: Japul Oil and Maritime Services PLC

Location: Lagos, Nigeria, Africa

Application: Mining

DSC Dredge Model: 18-inch x 18-inch Shark Class dredge

The Challenge

Continue to expand and update dredge fleets to help increase overall job performance and lower costs of operation.

Our Solution

Based on its prior success in working with a used DSC Dredge unit, Japaul Oil and Maritime chose a new Shark Class dredge.

Japaul Oil and Maritime Services PLC (Japaul) is a rising star in the Nigerian dredging industry. Over the past several years, foreign dredging contractors have been replaced with Nigerian contractors, who have been busy updating their dredge fleets. Jegede A. Paul, Managing Director/CEO of Japaul, already owned dredges from Korea and Holland, and had previously taken delivery of his first DSC Shark (an 18-inch x 16-inch configuration) in 2007. Although the unit was used, DSC provides OEM parts information to all customers as an added benefit. Additionally, Mr. Paul was able to purchase spare parts from local shops in Nigeria.

After experiencing the outstanding service and production of a preowned DSC dredge, Mr. Paul ordered a new 18-inch x 18-inch Shark Class dredge with 17m (56 feet) digging depth capability. The new unit is used in various contract projects throughout the country. This dredge features an electronic Caterpillar 3412-E engine on an 18-inv dredge pump, and has a Caterpillar C-11 engine driving the hydraulic system. The computer on the Caterpillar engine “talks” to the dredge PLC computer controls, which are standard on all DSC Shark dredges. The communication results in fuel savings and less wear and tear on the dredge, ensuring a more efficient operation. After only two days of training on the new dredge controls, the Japaul crew was pumping a full pipeline of coarse Nigerian sharp river sand a distance of 800 meters. The pile of sand grew so fast the crew had to get a second bulldozer onsite to keep up with the dredge production.

“The equipment is rugged and sophisticated, yet simple and very easy to learn, and the production has exceeded our expectations,” said Mr. Paul.

Japaul is the only Nigerian contractor awarded the “Gold Star” from Shell for exceptional performance on projects. Also, Japaul is the only Nigerian contractor listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange; its initial public offering two years ago was a huge success.

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