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Sophisticated Solutions for the Next Generation

DSC’s in-house Automation department designs custom packages that can be added to any dredge—new or used. In fact, the most cost-effective way to update an older dredge is to add an automation package.

Fearless Pursuit of Innovation

DSC offers automation packages for booster control, dredge and plant integration, remote data access, and any other custom design you may desire. Our electronics are designed to provide ease of operation, furnish powerful management tools, simplify maintenance, and facilitate troubleshooting dredge and production problems. Controls that work automatically to create a consistent flow help to lower operational costs. Automated controls also save on fuel and allow for better and more consistent production—with increases often reaching 30 to 40%.

DSC creates dredge control systems that automatically oversee all operations, eliminating the need for the operator to monitor complex tasks, which allows him to focus solely on dredge production. Controls can slow or speed up water flow to match conditions. Additionally, if the system senses a problem, it will communicate a clear message along with suggestions to correct the issue. Automated systems also can be programmed to inform the operator of ways to improve production.

Dredge Rx – Proven Technology At The Highest Level

The Dredge RX® system provides real-time access to the dredge operation including production, approximate position, and alarms via any remote device with an internet connection (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

This system provides a gateway for DSC product support personnel to remotely connect and assist dredge users in real time without the added cost of on site travel. In addition to providing software updates on future versions of the Dredge Rx system, this immediate access allows DSC to diagnose and repair dredge programming issues helping to keep operations running smoothly while eliminating unplanned costs.

Dredge Rx provides an easy way to record and visualize historical dredge production and diagnostic data. The dredge is set up to record three categories of data: daily data, alarm data, and operation hour data. Each day, this data is transferred to an internal DSC server and securely published to a custom website via a Power BI Gateway. On this site, you can easily filter and graph any of the dredge’s logged data with simple on screen controls. If required, all underlying data in these reports can be downloaded to an excel format directly from the site.

Navigational Data

From the Navigational Data page Dredge Rx allows the operator to record and save the dredge’s timed location.

Event Viewer

From the Event Viewer page Dredge Rx logs immediate notifications for critical events like power outages, loss of hydraulic oil, etc., and can be emailed or text to selected personnel.

Remote-View Option

Remote-view your booster to increase operational efficiency while staying proactive on booster maintenance.

Secure Connection

Customer controls who has access from day one.

Daily Critical Data

From the Daily Data screen, you can select and graph any of the dredges logged data for a given date. The last 60 days of data are available on this page to view.

Equipment Hours Data

From the Equipment data page Dredge Rx logs both the dredge equipment’s hours remaining before recommended service (Service Hours), and Lifetime hours. These can be filtered and graphed to focus on the desired piece of equipment.

Innovative Dredging Solutions

Explore our list of automation controls that will take your dredge to the next level. 

Optional Automation Controls

  • Suction Slurry Control
  • Swing Speed Automation
  • Swing Profile Automation
  • Excavator Control
  • Automated Stepping (Spud Gliders)
  • Booster Speed Automation
  • Intelligent Mining Software
  • Environment Awareness
  • Predicts Wearing Components
  • Remote Software Updates
  • DredgeMaster Suite

Optional Dredge Controls

  • Flow Control 
  • Production Monitoring
  • Swing/Position Control
  • Maximum Slurry Dilution Control
  • Cave-in Protection
  • Production Control
  • Mine Planning
  • DSC Vision

Learn More About Automating Your Dredge

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