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Dredge Parts

The DSC Dredge Parts You Need—When You Need Them 

Dredge Parts

For more than 30 years, the DSC Parts team has successfully provided customers with OEM and custom parts manufactured by DSC.

DSC’s Parts is your simple, complete solution for all dredge system replacement parts. With a large variety of ready-to-ship parts for nearly any dredge, custom-manufactured parts for your unique dredge, Parts can reduce your downtime and quickly return your dredge to full operation.

Our Commitment:

To provide customers quick access to our knowledgeable and experienced parts staff.

  • Custom-manufactured, genuine DSC parts
  • OEM off-the-shelf parts with rapid turnaround
  • Express delivery to minimize downtime

Shop Parts Assemblies

Replacement parts packages are ideal for scheduled maintenance or unexpected repairs. Save downtime, repair time, and expense by keeping a part assemblies package on hand and ready to go.  

Cutterhead Assemblies

DSC offers various cutterhead assemblies in sizes from 20-inch to 45-inch inside diameter.

Our cutterheads are built to withstand the harshest conditions, and are equipped with edge styles, blade counts, and measurements to meet your exact requirements.

Assemblies include: cutter edges, cutter locks, cutter teeth, adapter edges, cutter blades, cutter ring, and cutter hub. 

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Cutter Drive Assemblies

Our assemblies cover a wide range of shaft sizes, ranging in sizes from 2.5-inches to 12-inches.

Includes everything you need to replace cutter drives, including bolts, rock guard, set screw, o-rings, shims, seal retainers, bearings, and the duo-cone seal.

Sealed cutter drive assemblies are designed for easy installation, and are helpful to keep on hand to reduce downtime. 

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Moray Pump Assemblies

Assemblies are available for your convenience to help simplify the Moray pump assembly process, providing everything you need in one package.

Assemblies include: hydraulic motor, retainer, bearings, shims, seal retainers, set screws, shaft sleeve, packings, packing gland, water ring, shell, impeller and front liner. 

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Winch Assemblies

Good winches enhance production, providing the muscle needed to maneuver the suction inlet.

Our winch assemblies include the bearing and the winch drive—or wheel drive— to upgrade your dredge and maximize your productivity.  

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Intermediate Bearing Assemblies

Reduce maintenance downtime with intermediate bearing assemblies that can withstand tough conditions and are also easy to install.

DSC self-aligning intermediate bearings are manufactured from highest-quality materials, and are offered in a large range of shaft diameters.

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Display Panel Conversion Assemblies

Buy a complete package to upgrade your display panel.

Several gauges on older DSC dredge display panels are now obsolete. With our conversion assemblies, you receive all parts to update your display panel – and 5% off the assembly price. Call us for details!

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