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Safety is not just a priority, it is a core value.


The traditional approach to safety in our industry has focused primarily on addressing physical hazards of the job. Our approach is a little more comprehensive. DSC is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees and has developed effective programs for injury prevention consisting of management, supervisors and employees, all of whom actively engage in identifying and eliminating hazards that may develop during our work processes. We believe all injuries are preventable, all health risks are controllable, and success is attainable through investment in our employees. 

Safety Culture

Our safety goal at DSC is Target Zero. We believe that safety training is a vital part of ensuring that every employee is equipped with the knowledge and ability to work safely.

“Everyone knows dictating a safety culture is pointless. To be successful, you have to empower all of the people in the organization to participate in building that culture,” says Michael Dickerson, Assistant Safety Manager. “And this is what the DSC Safety Department revolves around; creating an inclusive environment where everyone participates in the solution.”  

The development of a proactive safety culture must involve each and every employee, from top management to workers. At DSC this extends beyond the manufacturing aspect; it’s connected to both our engineering and quality teams who continually work closely with our customers ensuring our designs support their safety requirements. As a world class manufacturer, it is important that we understand how accidents occur and so we can strategically design to prevent those incidents.  

Overall our design strategies are geared to reduce lost-time incidents, to limit the frequency of accidents, to ensure a more efficient operation and, most importantly, to lower risks for everyone. 

At DSC, we believe having a safety culture is not just a priority but a core value. It takes commitment from each team member to perform their duties safely and watch out for their coworkers. It is not about individuals, but rather the people we work with and their families.

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Creating a culture of safety for all.

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Stand Down For Safety

DSC Dredge conducts annual Quarterly Safety Trainings at each of its facilities. During this event, operations are suspended for a portion of a day which allows the focus to be placed solely on safety training. In addition to covering annually required OSHA (the U.S. government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training topics, the purpose of the Quarterly Safety Training is to involve every employee in taking responsibility for their safety and that of others.


“Establishing and maintaining a positive safety culture takes work, accountability, investment and time; it doesn’t just happen,” says President and CEO Bob Wetta. “It requires the entire organization listening to and valuing each individual’s contribution; only then does safety become personal and cultural change can occur. At DSC, we are committed to setting the highest standards for our safety culture.”


Safety For All

As with most major infrastructure projects, jobs are often undertaken with many subcontractors. Our goal is to ensure all personnel working on a job, from direct hires to contractors and subcontractors, are well trained and operating safely.


To maintain and continually improve levels of quality assurance, safety, health and environment, we have not only implemented training programs within our facilities aimed at teamwork and communication but utilize leading indicators that focus on minimizing risk for jobsite-related injuries. For instance, DSC Dredge’s Safety Observation Program enables all employees to document actions for observed safe behavior, unsafe behavior, and near-miss incidents. Employees fill out forms based on the category and action taken, empowering them to assess each situation and ensure that the proper follow-up or action is taken. All DSC employees are empowered with stop work authority.

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