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DSC proudly partners with exceptional companies to provide the most comprehensive dredging solutions.

DRAGFLOW is a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing heavy-duty pumps and complete dredging equipment.

DRAGFLOW is focused on the continuous development of its design and manufacturing activities for dredging, mining, and industrial sectors

In 2018, DSC Dredge and DRAGFLOW began discussing how each company could complement the other’s product lines, basically filling the gaps in each other’s portfolio. It quickly became evident that opportunities exist for these similar companies to offer the widest range of dredging solutions to the industry through a partnership arrangement. Through shared manufacturing efforts, both companies can support each other’s product line and ultimately provide the best solution in proximity to dredge equipment end users.

By joining forces, DSC and DRAGFLOW offer the widest range of dredgers on the market. Collectively the companies meet the needs of clientele particularly attentive to quality and performance; this is the goal set by DSC Dredge and DRAGFLOW. Thus, a new partnership was born, representing an absolute novelty in the world of dredging equipment. Two companies, known for the tenacity and reliability of their dredgers, have decided to share not only their knowledge, but also their production bases. Both manufacturers are highly regarded for their R&D team and for their commitment to fulfill customers’ needs, creating customized dredging solutions.

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Land Reclamation & Restoration

In June of 2018, DSC Dredge and Stichweh, LLC entered into a manufacturer’s cooperation agreement to promote each other’s products.

Stichweh is a joint venture company formed with Andrew Snoby, Richard Snoby, and SMT-Stichweh Maschinen & Service GmbH (Germany).  The main product of SMT-Stichweh, which is approaching its 100 year anniversary, is their washing and dewatering bucket wheels.

Aggregate producers continually keep an open mind for innovative solutions to maximize production and lower overall costs, while at the same time producing high quality aggregate products. The dewatering wheel allows for development of different grades of sand, depending on customer preferences, simply by adjusting a single setting on the bucket wheel controller.

In an effort to better serve customers’ production needs, DSC began including the option of dewatering wheels to be used in conjunction with DSC dredges. Several key reasons these companies align include: (1) Stichweh offers the largest bucket wheel program for the national and international market in the world; (2) The bucket wheel series can be perfectly tailored to the material conditions, furthering DSCs commitment to optimize dredge production; (3) Solutions are individually configured to customer needs and demands; and (4) Stichweh dewatering wheels are highly safe and functional,  offering extremely long production life and safe operation with low specific energy requirements and truly low maintenance.

Construction & Aggregates

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