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Booster pumps offer greater overall efficiency and a higher rate of production with less wear and tear on your equipment.


A dredge can only move so far away from the discharge point before even its maximum speed can’t maintain production rates. But introducing a booster pump will allow the dredge pump to operate more efficiently, while drastically reducing wear and tear on equipment and resulting in steady slurry delivery.

As a floating-barge or land-based unit, located between the dredge pump and discharge point, a booster pump adds pressure to the dredge system—perfect for jobs that require longer pipeline lengths before the pipeline ever reaches the shore. The additional pump will help maintain proper slurry velocity within the pipeline and keep production levels high while preventing materials from becoming too dense and reducing the likelihood of pipeline plugging.

Because every jobsite is unique, DSC Dredge can help you determine the size, power, and location of your booster pump for maximum efficiency. We also offer training and technical support to ensure you’re getting the most consistent and reliable performance from your dredge and booster pump every step of the way.

Different sizes and levels of power are available, as well as variable-speed and fixed-speed drives—specified to each unique application.

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