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Environmental, Lakes & Restoration

Environmental dredging is the process where contaminated sediments under water are removed, treated, and/or placed in a new location. This type of dredging is performed to reduce the risk contaminated sediments and associated porewater pose to human health and the environment. Likewise with lakes, over time, ponds and lakes can fill in with dead vegetation, fish, debris, organic sediments and silt. An aging lake or pond can accumulate enough silt to adversely affect the lakes ecology. Dredging is the standard solution. DSC offers a wide range of environmental, lake and restoration dredges and support equipment as a cost-effective and efficient way to restore contaminated sites. Recommended dredge types include our Shark, Barracuda, and Moray Class dredges due to their highly portable designs and maneuverability.

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Application Vessels

Application Technology

DSC Vision

DSC Vision is a highly innovative, user-friendly bottom visualization system that allows dredge operators and managers to “stop dredging in the dark.”

  • Increased efficiency
  • Return on investment
  • Operator confidence
  • Mine planning
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Management Tools

DSC creates dredge control systems that automatically oversee all operations, eliminating the need for the operator to monitor complex tasks.

  • Dredge logging
  • Operator logging
  • Utilization/power logging
  • Remote viewing
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Maintenance Tools

Our electronics are designed to provide ease of operation, furnish powerful management tools, and simplify dredge maintenance.

  • Records all equipment usage
  • Warns of upcoming service requirements
  • Wear evaluation & system calibration
  • Remote viewing
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Troubleshooting Tools

DSC provides professional support in addition to the many features designed to troubleshoot dredge and production problems.

  • Displays and records faults
  • Predicts corrective action
  • Allows DSC to remote (password)
  • Remote viewing and control (password)
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