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Leader in Customized Dredge Innovation

We boldly innovate one-of-a-kind solutions as a global leader in dredge manufacturing. As a family-owned business, we place the highest value on developing long-term, meaningful relationships.


Developing Long-Term, Meaningful Relationships

Every dredge we build is more than just a sale to us – our goal is to be a trusted partner.

With safety at the forefront of every build, we create technology to go where your operators can’t. Customization, advancing technology, and our commitment to continuing education builds our reputation every day. Through research and development, we push boundaries as we chart new waters within the dredging industry, resulting in next-level dredges, built for lifetime optimization.


Your purpose drives us and we get excited about the details. Our team of experts will dive deep into your project to learn your story and guarantee the best dredge for your job. Add to that our after-sale support, with the best follow up and parts availability in the industry. We’ve got you, and that is our unwavering commitment at DSC.


Illuminating the Future of Dredging


A dredge for every tide. Customization is at the core of everything we do. We listen to your specific needs and concerns.



Built to withstand rugged demands. Optimized for the lifetime of your dredge.



Revolutionizing the dredging industry. Always innovate. Never imitate.



Navigate together through rough and calm waters. Exceeding expectations. Building long-term relationships with customers.



Education and training. Environmental stewardship. Unwavering determination. Even as the best in our field, we strive to be better.


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