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J.F. Brennan Company working to provide access for recreational boaters and fishermen.

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The Challenge

Tidal action near two marinas in Charlestown, Rhode Island caused blockages and restricted access for recreational boaters and fishermen.

Our Solution

The small, coastal town of Charlestown, Rhode Island commissioned J.F. Brennan Company (Brennan), a long-time customer of DSC Dredge, to restore a navigable canal connecting the shores of Ninigret Pond with the Atlantic Ocean. 

Over time, tidal action had pushed sand and sediment into the mile-long canalway, creating an impassable blockage for boaters and fishermen. Brennan chose the DSC dredge to remove sand material from the bottom of the canal by pumping it back to the ocean. 

As a marine construction company, specializing in environmental dredging, Brennan understands the importance of using GPS technology to ensure precise positioning and navigation. DSC Vision takes dredge technology to the next level by placing survey software on the dredge, providing real-time feedback on dredge performance, putting an end to “dredging in the dark.” 

“DSC doesn’t have an off-the-shelf product,” said Robert Wetta, President and CEO of DSC Dredge. “We consult with the client, learn their needs, and understand their challenges to come up with a solution to build exactly what they need.”

With a pipe approximately 8,000 feet long, the crew easily removed the sediment, consisting of approximately 35% solid material. The yardage per hour exceeded expectations, assisting in the efficient restoration process. The corridor has been restored and now measures approximately 150 feet wide.

“DSC dredges are easy to transport and easy to run. The dredge really goes above and beyond,” added Cletus Bowe, Superintendent at Brennan.

DSC Dredge engineers project-specific dredge equipment and provides product support, parts fulfillment, and responsive field services, powered by their Dredge RX technology, which allows a remote connection and diagnosis to quickly resolve issues on any vessel. 

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