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Barracuda Class

The Barracuda Class features a swinging-ladder design and is easily transportable, making it ideal for navigational, recreational or restorative projects such as waterway maintenance or lake revitalization. 

Customized Dredge Solutions

Our Custom Class dredges are entirely unique from our other dredge lines. In order to build your Custom Class dredge, we work with you to discover every aspect of your story.

Dredge RX

The Dredge RX® system provides real-time access to the dredge operation including production, approximate position, and alarms via any remote device with an Internet connection (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). 


Dreducation® from DSC Dredge means “dredge education.” Dreducation describes our commitment to furthering education and training about dredges and dredging.

DSC Product Line Overview

We know designing and building the exact custom dredge that will boost your efficiency and lower your costs involves working with you and learning your story. DSC manufactures several distinct dredge classes, as well as custom support equipment.

DSC Vision

DSC VISION is a highly innovative, user-friendly bottom visualization system that allows dredge operators and managers to “stop dredging in the dark.”

DSC Company Overview

We boldly innovate one-of-a-kind solutions as a global leader in dredge manufacturing. As a family-owned business, we place the highest value on developing long-term, meaningful relationships.

Marlin Class

The Marlin Class is designed to reach extreme dredging depths due to its underwater pump system and high-torque cutter drive assembly. 

Moray Class

The Moray Class dredge is ideally matched to the current dredging industry trend of pumping low flow rates with higher-percent solids—including applications such as pumping into geotubes or retention areas that do not accommodate large volumes of water.

Dredge Parts

DSC Parts Express is the complete replacement parts solution for all DSC dredge models, as well as most major dredge systems.

Shark Class

The Shark Class offers the features of a larger dredge in an exceptionally portable design. The Shark is customizable to exact application and production requirements.

Sharkuda Class

The SHARKUDA® Class dredge features a swinging ladder design specifically patented for wide deep swings. Available with diesel or electric power, the SHARKUDA® can reach dredging depths down to 43 feet (13.1 m).


Workboats are often called upon for towing, tending dredges, anchor placement, fuel/water transfer capabilities, providing crew accommodations, help in mounting or removal of floating pipes and assisting during repair and maintenance of dredge equipment. 

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