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Two New DSC Wolverine Class Dredges to Provide Infrastructure Improvement in Delta State, Nigeria

Background Information

Customer: Local Contractors (2)

Location: Delta State, Nigeria

Applications: Mining, Construction

DSC Dredge Model: Wolverine Class

The Challenge

Delta State, Nigeria, experiences annual flooding problems near the Niger River Delta. The area also has a growing demand for river sand to be used in infrastructure improvement projects.

Our Solution

10-in. Wolverine Class dredges are ideal for river dredging applications.

Two local contractors in Delta State, Nigeria, recently took delivery of 10-inch Wolverine Class Dredges, designed and manufactured by DSC Dredge at its Greenbush, Michigan, facility.

As the political capital of Delta State, Asaba is a rapidly expanding city along the banks of the Niger River Delta. There is a growing demand for infrastructure improvement projects, including roads and livable space along the Niger River. Yet, this fast-flowing river brings sand downstream from the interior of the nation. Because of this, much of the riverbank area is prone to seasonal flooding, which causes disruption to the lives of many. A government plan has been put into motion to provide multi-millions of cubic meters of sand to be used for infrastructure improvement, while alleviating flooding problems. Dredging is the perfect solution to capture this sand as a valuable resource, and put it to use in the city center and outlying areas.

A local contractor in Asaba, after deciding to invest in a new dredge, contacted several manufacturers in the USA and Europe, as well as China, where its partners are based. Ultimately, the contractor chose to place a dredge order with DSC Dredge, located in Louisiana, USA. The decision to buy from DSC was based on quality, performance, price and spare parts availability in Nigeria.

“We did not want to wait for weeks for parts to come from the other side of the world, with additional lost time dealing with Nigerian customs,” said the Managing Director. Other manufacturers that claim to have spare parts available in Nigeria typically only offer filters, and they limit customers to a single parts source. DSC’s unique spare parts policy provides all necessary OEM spares information, so customers can purchase parts at local shops, allowing them to have options, which results in much lower cost, faster availability and higher profits overall.

The second Wolverine dredge delivered to Delta State was purchased by another contractor that has already established itself in the dredging business. This dredge unit is operating in Warri, which is the socio-economic capital of Delta State. The marine contractor had switched from using another dredge supplier to purchase a Wolverine from DSC Dredge due to the reliability, outstanding production capability and reputation for longevity with DSC equipment. The Wolverine dredge is an ideal solution for an area that requires river sand. It features one-truck portability, Caterpillar diesel power and includes DSC’s thorough after-sales training, service and spare parts policy.

Both Wolverine dredges have now completed their start-up commissioning by DSC’s field service engineer, who also trained the crews in operation and maintenance at their sites. The presence of DSC Dredge will benefit communities along the Niger River Delta for many years to come.

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