DSC Dredge Expands International Markets

DSC Dredge, LLC, a world leader in customized dredging solutions, continues to expand its international presence, with recent orders and deliveries into Nigeria, Republic of Congo and Alberta, Canada.

A major Nigerian contractor has placed orders for 18-in. and 24-in. Marlin Class dredges, with 23-meter digging depth capabilities. These two dredges will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015. In recent deliveries, DSC shipped a new 18-in. Marlin Class dredge with 23-meter digging depth capability and an 18-in. floating booster station to a separate Nigerian customer as a repeat order. The company delivered a Shark Class dredge to the Republic of Congo, with a second Shark dredge on order to ship to the same location in several months. DSC is providing this contractor with workboats, boosters and 18-in. HDPE pipeline, as well.

In addition to expansion in the deep-digging segment of the African market, DSC continues to provide Nigerian contractors with small dredge solutions. A new Wolverine Class dredge with 7.5-meter digging depth was delivered to Nigeria in the third quarter of 2014. A 10-in. Wolverine with a 10-meter digging depth is being shipped with a booster pump to Lagos Port, Nigeria.

In the oil fields in Alberta, Canada, a major oil company just took delivery of a custom-designed electric shore-powered Shark Class dredge, with a second identical unit in the final testing stages prior to delivery.

DSC field service engineers traveled to Nigeria, Republic of Congo and Alberta with these recent deliveries to train clients in dredge operations and maintenance. DSC makes a point to provide clients with all the OEM spare parts numbers so they can purchase parts locally, without needing to shut down as they potentially wait weeks for international air freight of parts.

 “We are most pleased with the new markets we have opened up, as well as increasing our market share in existing markets,” stated Bob Wetta, CEO and President of DSC Dredge.  2014 will be another record year for DSC, which recently was awarded the President’s E-Star Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce for excellence in exports.

The diesel- or electric-powered Marlin Class dredges feature submersible dredge pumps for the highest concentration of solids and high production rates. Standard digging depth configurations for the Marlin Class dredges are 17-, 23- or 29-meters with custom designs of up to 60-meters below the surface. DSC recently delivered a 60-meter digging depth Marlin for sand mining in Florida, the deepest-digging dredge in the western hemisphere. In fact, DSC has produced more deep-digging cutter suction dredges with submersible dredge pumps than any other manufacturer.

The 10-in. Wolverine Class dredge is an excellent entry level dredge, and has been well-received by contractors worldwide.  The Wolverine and the smaller, 8-in. Badger Class dredge both feature Caterpillar diesel engines, which meet Tier 3 diesel emission requirements.

Shark Class cutter suction dredges are available in either diesel or electric power, and feature a conventional dredge-operating configuration with a modular design for ease of transportation.

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