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DSC Dredge: Leading with Customized Dredges and Te...

June 26th, 2022

Categories: DSC Vision Customized Dredge Solutions Environmental Dredging Technology

DSC Dredge continues to prove they are THE RIGHT CHOICE, not only for Dredges but also when it comes to Technology.


DSC Dredge’s Experts, Owners and brothers Bob an...

May 23rd, 2022

Categories: DSC Vision Technology Trade Shows & Events

As the world slowly returns to “pre-pandemic” levels of normal, we see most tradeshows return to “in-person” attendance.  Long-time experts in the dredging industry, Rober...


2021: A Challenging Year Full of Blessings and Suc...

February 24th, 2022

Categories: Dredge Customized Dredge Solutions Dredger Underwater Pump Technology

2021 has been a formidable year for us all. In a year where everyone was eager to put COVID-19 in their rearview mirror and looked forward to returning to normal from lockdowns, an...

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