Dredges Engineered For Your Challenges

DSC Dredge is the dredging equipment manufacturer of choice in countries all around the world.

Construction & Navigation

Navigational dredging is commonly used in ports, harbors and shipping channels as a way to create and maintain waterways.

Mining & Aggregates

Engineered to reach extreme dredging depths with underwater pump systems and high-torque cutter drive assemblies.

Environmental, Lakes & Restoration

Environmental dredging is the process where contaminated sediments under water are removed, treated, and/or placed in a new location.

Customized Dredge Solutions

Customization is at the core of every build. Boost efficiency and lower costs with a customized solution for your needs. 

Customized Dredge Solutions

We design and build custom dredges that boost efficiency and lower operating costs.

Our team works with you to understand every aspect of your unique story. Your customized dredge solution will be designed and built to boost your efficiency and lower your costs.

  • Consultation & Design Conceptualization
  • Product Support & Professional Services
  • Training & Education
  • Engineering Capabilities
  • Analysis & Field Modifications

Automation Systems

Custom automation packages are available for booster control, dredge and plant integration, and remote data access.

We create dredge control systems that automatically oversee all operations, eliminating the need for the operator to monitor complex tasks. The system detects issues and can be programmed to recommend ways to improve production.

  • Ease of Operation
  • Powerful Management Tools
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • More Consistent Production

Stop Dredging in the Dark

Increased Efficiency

The ability to visualize your underwater environment allows operators to move accurately and efficiently, expediting dredge operations, and increasing profitability.

Operator Confidence

Even new operators can quickly and easily understand and adapt to the technology; more experienced operators work faster with real-time updates allowing for greater control.

Real-Time Checks and Balances

Real-time updates via sonar scans identify progress and help detect target areas before moving the dredge, reducing rework, and ensuring the job is completed to specification.

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