DSC’s 2nd Annual Stand Down for Safety

Promotes Team Spirit and Safety Awareness

This month DSC held its second annual Safety Stand-Down Day, during which all work was shut down at all facilities for an entire day, and all employees received hands-on and classroom training. The program took place at the Reserve, Louisiana; Poplarville, Mississippi; and Greenbush, Michigan facilities.

“The goal of the Safety Stand-Down Day is to promote safety ownership,” says Jeff Yaun, DSC Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental. “Throughout the day, we extolled the value that safety is everybody’s responsibility – not just the safety department or the manufacturing personnel.” Carrying and expanding on the theme of last year’s Safety Stand-Down day, DSC management worked to instill the belief that workers who are actively involved in their safety program will work safer than if they are reactive or taking action only after an incident occurs. “Our training emphasized DSC’s safety culture, where all of us feel responsible for safety and we pursue it on a daily basis – training all personnel to identify unsafe conditions and behaviors, and empowering them to intervene,” Yaun explains.

While the topic is serious, Yaun and the DSC Safety Committee worked to make the day fun and engaging for everyone. Hands-on training expanded skills and served to increase employees’ retention from the day. For example, the manufacturing staff participated in a scavenger hunt where the Safety Committee had created mock situations for teams to identify unsafe conditions or practices.

“Over the years, DSC has worked to evolve and improve its safety program. Last year, we introduced the concept that safety, quality and production must be kept in balance in order for the company to meet its goals. Each of these three components are of equal importance, as depicted in the company’s Balance Logo emblem,” Yaun notes. DSC also introduced its Safety Observation Program in 2015. Safety observation forms are available to all employees to note actions for safe behavior, unsafe behavior or a near-miss incident. The forms are viewed monthly at DSC’s At @ Glance safety meetings at each location. In 2014, DSC introduced the job safety analysis (JSA) process. Every morning before starting work, DSC’s manufacturing personnel meet to go over JSAs and prepare team members for the type of work they will perform that day.

“In short, the goal of the Safety Stand-Down Day – and every day at DSC – is to reaffirm our commitment to safety and working injury free so that everyone goes home to their families every day,” Yaun says.

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