DSC Dredge's Moray Class Meets Today’s Portable Dredging Demands

With its hydraulically driven underwater pump assembly, the portable Moray Class dredge from DSC Dredge, LLC, is ideally matched to the current dredging industry trend of pumping low flow rates with higher-percent solids. The Moray Class is suited for applications where flow rates need to be minimized, such as for pumping into geotubes or retention areas that do not accommodate large volumes of water. The Moray Class is also well suited for shallow waterway maintenance, lake revitalization, aquaculture, environmental clean-up, erosion control and irrigation projects.

Uniquely offering a swinging ladder configuration along with the conventional closed-loop underwater dredge design, the Moray Class dredge was designed by DSC Dredge engineers to be both highly productive and transportable. Moray Class units, with discharge sizes of either 8 inches (203 mm) or 12 inches (305 mm), meet most single-truck hauling requirements. The Moray Class dredge features, as standard equipment, power up/down winches with API-rated drums for proper cable storage, a PLC-based operating system and a stern kicker spud or extending leg for controlled dredge advancement and positioning.

In addition to these premium features that maximize operational efficiency and longevity, every Moray Class dredge customer benefits from DSC Dredge’s ability to customize each standard production model to fit exact applications and production requirements. These customizations include swing winches for conventional mode operations, traveling spud carriage, dredge automation, larger or smaller dredge size, extended digging depths, production instrumentation and GPS dredging systems.

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