Factors Used In Estimating Throughput For Cutter Suction Dredges

Many factors contribute to limitations in the throughput of cutter suctions dredge. While most performance data available from cutter suction dredge manufactures outlines theoretical design throughput, others factors need to be considered when computing expected throughput. This is obviously important for estimating purposes but also to understand what factors cause limitations on the performance of the dredges. This paper will go into detail on understanding the effects on bank height and its relation to throughput rates. The paper will address cutter limitations by showing the affect of throughput on a dredge that is excavating material with high compaction rates with cutter systems under and properly designed to meet the required breakout forces. The paper will address the effects of different material types and how the material classifications affect the performance of the dredge. This paper will also detail pump limitations and the overall system designs required for optimal equipment efficiency. Other factors that will be addressed include; dredge pump location with respect to dredging depth, pipeline choice, pipeline length, dredge repositioning time, cut width and the overall efficiency of the dredging system. 

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